Moving Together

In the next three decades, up to 150million people are projected to relocate due to natural and social hazards accelerated by climate change. “Living together” will often mean “moving together.” The world has witnessed desperate migrations, forced displacements, and failed resettlement plans. These processes of moving together are often unplanned, unfair, uncompensated, and reactive. In response, we ask:


How can communities move together—peacefully, justly, and productively with self-governance— and what can be the agency of design and planning in this process? Moving Together at the Biennale Architettura 2021 presents three case studies that explore resilient, equitable, and voluntary community relocation in high mountain, river delta, and urban coastal environments. This research and exhibition opens a critical public discussion on how the agency of design and planning can unlock complex processes, choices, and available means and materials that enable communities to move together from relocation planning to implementation.

Main Data Source Global Internal Displacement Database 2020