Initial Case Studies

Moving Together

From the Mississippi River delta to urban San Juan to the high Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan. Communities in these diverse environments, and many others, face the prospect of voluntarily Moving Together in a planned way. These three initial planning and design case studies involved close collaboration among communities and supporting organizations who are featured in the posters below and elaborated on the webpages that follow. 

Each study begins with a focus on People, the communities involved and their supporting organizations. It proceeds to the Places affected, homes that are inspiring but face various hazards. Specific Challenges for relocation planning and design range from the deliberative methods employed to potential locations, receiving community, infrastructure, meaningful site design, and remaking homes in a new environment. The Process community-led relocation planning is fundamentally important for the people, places, and challenges involved. Future Visions that emanate from these processes encompass a broad range of alternatives for community consideration. They strive to expand the range of choice, by including planning and design options that are community inspired, strategic, flexible, phased, scalable, and replicable.